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The  Artists Muse 2015
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The Howard Young Art Gallery
located in the Howard Young Medical Center
Proudly Presents
"The Artist's Muse 2015:
Wisconsin Artists - Wisconsin Poets"

Featuring over 200 Wisconsin Artists and Poets

March 19 - May 27.
Nancy TeWinkel Lauren  
  "Let Me Hold You"  Artist / Poet Nancy TeWinkel Lauren  

One day


The floor gave way

I shattered my blackened heart

Faith was slight if visible

I tracked mud over your soul.


All was lost


The wind blew hollow intonations

The messenger stopped singing

Clouds filled all wretched spaces.

I could not look away.


You found me


Right there

 Spent and ugly

Worn beyond the fray

There, there, right there.


I experienced



Chamuelís compassion

 Gabrielís kindness

The healing of your embrace.


You whispered


Lean in

Rest your mind

I will carry it

Let me hold you.