Art In The Garden
The  Artists Muse 2015

Calendar 2016

Howard Young Art Gallery Award Winners

“All Things Birds Exhibition”

Judge Bob Metropolus – Parkside Gallery


Best of Show

Miira Allen          “House Sparrow”

House Sparrow

First Place

Shasha Case       “Shagpoke”


Second Place

John Manderfield            “Life Goes On”

Life Goes On

Honorable Mentions

Cindy Markowski             “Flamingo Birth”

Flamingo Birth

Ralph Laska                         “Five Prairie Chickens”

5 Prairie Chickens

Dan Sullivan                        “Honkee”


Connie Warshall               “Sunset Marsh”

 Connie Warshall


Merit Awards

Miira Allen                          “Young Starling”

Nancy TeWinkel               “Birds Eye View”

Barbara McFarland          “Fledglings”

John McFarland                                “Black Majesty”

Mary Gehl                           “The Migration”

Ken Drawz                          “Preening Swans’

Andy Fenner                      “Sneak Attack”

Sara Muender                   “Lost and Found”

Shasa Case                          “Barn Owl”


The Howard Young Art Gallery
located in the Howard Young Medical Center
John Gehl
John Gehl - Best of Show "Winter Gehl"

Howard Young Art Gallery is pleased to announce the
Winners of the "Northern Wisconsin Regional"  Art Exhibition

Co Judges - Kitty Kingston UW Sytems Art Department - Christine Alfery - Coordinator Howard Young Art Gallery

winnerwinner 2winner 3

Best of Show

John Gehl   “Winter Plaine”


First Place

Nancy TeWinkel   “Being in Birches


Second Place

Cole Punches   “Benched”


Honorable Mention

David Frazen  “Witches Broom”

Carol Hettiga  “After the Autumn Rain”

Wayne Houston  “Blue Burat”

Diane Sabino  “Hmong New Year”


Merit Award

Shiela Punches    “Arizona Sunset”

Patrick Plunket  “Autumn Though The Blinds”

Krista Vendetti  “Astral 6”

Ginnie Stiles  “The Power of One”

Joanne Syre   “Dad’s Muskie”

Ralph Laska  “ Latex in Wood”

Ann Singsass  “Camp One Lake”

Mary Gehl – “Making for Home”

Connie Warshall “Identity Phishing”



"Art In The Garden" 
Beautiful event - wonderful setting. Some of the artists who have displayed their work at Howard Young Art Gallery were able to share their work and some of their profits for the One Heart Benefit at:

Art In The Garden" extended at JJ's Garden Center 
Great benefit for the One Heart Cardiac Unit - Marshfield Clinic and Howard Young Medical Center.


art in the garden 2art in the garden

art in the garden 3